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Website Spreads Flood Risk Message
06 February 2013


Alleviate Flood Risk 

European partners work together to alleviate flood risk

Climate change is having a real effect on many communities, areas historically safe from floods that now find themselves threatened. Every day the national news covers another region struck by flood devastation - www.floodcom.eu.

This risk of flooding is becoming a real challenge for communities on both sides of the English Channel, with areas of the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands all facing similar challenges.

Essex County Council, as lead partner in a newly launched Floodcom project, has secured EU funding to consider flood alleviation solutions in the county and is working with Chelmsford Borough Council and local authorities in France, Belgium and the Netherlands to identify and share practical solutions to alleviate flood risk for residents across the four countries.

The Floodcom project aims to help vulnerable communities in the 2Seas area who are at risk of flooding and will also provide information for national environmental agencies.

The new Floodcom website, developed by Free Rein in partnership with Trebuchet Creative, which went live today Wednesday 6th February 2013, is critical to spreading the message about what can be done to alleviate the risks associated with flooding.

This is a very exciting project. By working together we will be able to identify practical solutions to the challenges we face living and working on the coast.

Keith Lawson, Head of Strategic Development at Essex County Council

“The website is the first of many elements that we will be managing as part of the Floodcom project.Last year (November 21 and 22), we joined experts from Chelmsford and Breda on a technical exchange to discuss the urban water retention techniques.These crucial discussions are key to the sharing of expertise, which is the main purpose of the project.”

Free Rein Ltd has worked in partnership with Trebuchet Creative to deliver the Floodcom website. Tony Addison, Project Manager at Free Rein added, “The web project has come together very quickly and smoothly.Floodcom is just one of a series of European Projects we are working on with Trebuchet Creative. I’d like to thank the teams at Floodcom and Trebuchet for their help in the successful launch of the website”.

For more detail on the Floodcom project go to www.floodcom.eu.


Notes to editors:

Floodcom is an INTERREG IV 2Mers Seas Zeeen funded project aimed at promoting positive water management in lowland areas facing climate change.It covers the 2Seas area which includes Chelmsford in Essex UK, Antwerp in Belgium, St Omer in France and Breda in the Netherlands.