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Accessibility Statements – Deadline is 23 September

  • Category: Security
We raised the need for all public sector websites and mobile apps to be made accessible a couple of years back. The regulations came into force last year and we are fast approaching the first deadline The full name of the regulations is the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile...

IoT – For good or evil?

  • Category: Tech
  • Category: Security
Internet of Things, smashed glass
IoT ("Internet of Things") refers to devices which have the capability of connecting to the internet. Traditionally you would think of your desktop, tablet or smartphone but these days it has expanded into many of our everyday use devices such as TV's, microwaves, fridges, lights, heating systems and door locks.

GDPR Preparation

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Padlock on EU flag
In a nutshell, anything and everything you hold about a person that can be identified by name, user ID etc., or by inference through other linkages such as genetic, financial, geographic, IP address, RFID tag, social identity, etc. It is aiming to cover “Personal data” of an “Identifiable” individual –...

WordPress Vulnerability

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Logo of Wordpress
You trust many websites to look after your personal data, but read about data losses every week. Brute force attacks on WordPress websites, for example, are increasing rapidly. So if you have a WordPress site, you need to read this.