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Here is a collection of articles that cover the legal aspects of what Free Rein does. There are more commentary type of articles in our news and blog section which may be of interest, particularly in the areas of Cookie Law and Data security, two issues that we take very seriously.

Websites Terms of Use

Just the rules related to using this site

Website Acceptable Use Policy

As it says on the tin, some this are OK and a small number are not really allowed. This should clarify.

Privacy Policy

Updated for GDPR and probably way more information than you need but we would rather be transparent.


We try and make the site as inclusive as possible. However some new features in website design and coding that we need to demonstrate to our clients are not always as accessible as they can be when launched. Free Rein continues to try and find ways of meeting both these demands ... but eventually the browser developers catch up.  There is a new EU reg coming into force from Sept 2018 so we will update when that is clear.


The new EU law has been a problem for everyone to start with. The legislators strengthened the law to avoid loop holes but went too far so as to make simple browsing a problem. Their latest opinions change the guidance and we cover that in the news. This article covers the letter of the law and what we are doing about it.

Terms and Conditions

Simply the T&Cs that we provide out services on. This is where the up to date version will always be - unfortunately they are always changing as we add new services, but we aim for them to be clear and transparent - no surprises.