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New legislation for public sector websites and apps

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logo of World Wide Web Consortium
New regulations have come into force which mean that from next year, every new public sector website and mobile app will need to meet certain accessibility standards and publish a statement saying they have been met, or if not, why not and what is planned to fix it. Existing websites...

Why WordPress sites MUST have expert management

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Graph showing 'Brute Force Attacks by Hour'
We seem to be blogging about WordPress and the plugins an awful lot recently. But when Wordfence say that the current attack peaks are the highest they have ever seen by an hourly rate, it is time to take notice.

GDPR Preparation

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Padlock on EU flag
In a nutshell, anything and everything you hold about a person that can be identified by name, user ID etc., or by inference through other linkages such as genetic, financial, geographic, IP address, RFID tag, social identity, etc. It is aiming to cover “Personal data” of an “Identifiable” individual –...

The 12 reasons why UK businesses don't blog

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This one is worth a re-post How many companies in the UK are blogging? Not many, it seems, according to a list compiled by Suw Charman. Not many at all. The list isn’t fully comprehensive, but it highlights the dearth of business blogs in the UK, compared to US. So...