Students Graduating from University

Our Customer Service and Marketing Intern, Emma, tells us about her placement experience.

I joined the Free Rein team as a ‘sandwich student’ in June 2016, in the year between my second and final year of university, as a Customer Service and Marketing intern.

Often referred to as a ‘sandwich placement’ or ‘year in industry’, working in an industrial placement role was an invaluable opportunity for me to increase my employability skills, put what I had learnt at university into practice, and enhance my CV with some valuable work experience … and it was definitely a perk to be earning a real salary!

What does a placement student do?

Working for a small company meant I was quickly exposed to all areas and functions of the business, which gave me a great insight into how a business really works day-to-day.  I was treated as a ‘normal’ member of team straight away!  I was given real responsibility and the ability to manage my own projects.  This meant that there was always lots for me to get involved in, ensuring I was kept busy and allowing me the opportunity to develop a variety of skills.

What are the benefits of an industrial placement?

Having real-life work experience helped me when I returned to university, bringing a different dimension to my essays and projects.  Referring to my experiences during my placement enabled me to write more relevant pieces of work – and applying my learning whilst I was working helped me to better understand the theory I had been taught.

In fact, I enjoyed my placement so much, that I stayed with Free Rein whilst I completed the final year of my degree!  Three and a bit years later, I’m still with the company – a graduate with a first-class degree in Business and Marketing, and working as a Digital Marketing Coordinator!

An industrial placement is great for both students and employers!

There are lots of success stories!

Have you considered hiring an intern or offering an industrial placement role?  Are you ready to gain some practical experience whilst studying for your degree?

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Emma 😊