Faced with the sudden impact on supplies of Medical and Personal Protection Equipment – New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership were exceptionally quick off the mark to support Care Homes and Care Workers in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Urgent supply needs

Already users of SuiteCRM to support their ERDF programmes, New Anglia LEP tasked Free Rein with one of the fastest CRM builds to provide a central location for suppliers of Medical and PPE kit and then invited Care Homes to register for access.

Initially covering the urgent needs, it soon expanded to;

  • Medical Protection
  • Medical Consumables
  • Medical Equipment
  • Generic Products

Opening the public portal

Not content with resting at that point the LEP commissioned a web portal front so that Suppliers apply to join, add and update their own offering. And invitations to the wider Carer community to register and run their own searches.

Free Rein delivered a SuiteCRM system for the core data and a web portal to offer secure access to the data through an extended API. New Anglia LEP opened that up to businesses now returning to work on 8 June.

Helping a Restart

But they are not ones for resting and they have extended the capabilities of the portal/CRM service to include products and services in;

  • Medical and PPE - Medical Protection
  • Medical and PPE - Medical Consumables
  • Medical and PPE - Generic Products
  • Medical and PPE - Medical Equipment
  • Food and Drink - Perishable Food
  • Food and Drink - Non-Perishable
  • Food and Drink - Drink
  • Materials - Chemicals
  • Materials - Metals
  • Materials - Generic Materials
  • Manufactured - Electronics
  • Manufactured - Machinery
  • Manufactured - Generic Manufactured
  • Service - Industrial Services
  • Service - Professional Services
  • Service – Workforce


So, if you have products and services that can help businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk in their return to work and speed the recovery. Register on the supply chain website and once activated you can add your products and services as you see fit.


Or if you are a business in Norfolk and Suffolk starting your Back to Work journey and need, not just PPE, but anything in this list. Register on the supply chain website. There is moderation to make sure they are supporting local businesses but once on there are a series of standard reports to find key products – these will be expanding as more and more suppliers join.

Free Rein Team

Well after delivering this little lot in the space of a matter of weeks, we think they deserve a little rest – but not for too long.