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Anglia Business Exhibition 2016 Launch
07 April 2016

Organisers, sponsors and partners gathered last week for the launch of Anglia Business Exhibition 2016. The annual showcase event, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year,takes place at Trinity Park, Ipswich on Wednesday 15 June.

Free Rein will again be exhibiting (and running the event management website) and with a following wind we may be showing two new solutions recently developed out of specific client needs.

The first will be the new "Software as a Service" FR Forms which is formally available from 18 April - a simple self managed service allowing you to create your own forms and send them to specific mobile devices. Supports field based teams, moves paper forms into the digital world so there is no transcribing back at the office. A secure service for you to gather data and a simple drag and drop editor. There are free accounts (not just a trial) and NO "per device, per month" charging.

Come and have a chat.

The EADT coverage goes into a lot more detail

ABE16 Launch - EADT left hand side

ABE16 Launch - EADT right hand side