Free Rein build CRM solutions mainly on SuiteCRM, the world's leading open source CRM platform.

Why? Starting with such a comprehensive platform means that the initial build costs can be brought way down. But open source also means that many, many developers contribute to its ever-expanding functionality AND it can be customised to meet each client's specific needs – you don't need to change your processes to match and off the shelf solution.

Does open source limit the size?

Absolutely not. Out of the box SuiteCRM currently comes with 48 standard functional modules ranging from;

  • Those keeping track of your targets, leads, account and contacts
  • Through units to manage your projects, products, orders and invoicing
  • To marketing campaigns, emails, opportunities
  • To documents, email and correspondence
  • And into workflow with calls, meetings and tasks

Just to scratch the surface.


There is a burgeoning third-party add-on market, and Free Rein has been developing new specialist modules to handle all sorts of functionality; from GDPR permission and access, through managing and reporting ERDF projects, to simple linking for Outlook to save email correspondence directly into the CRM and directing the real-time interface to telephone systems. All at exceptionally competitive prices compared to main market names.

How fast, how much?

We can get you up and running with an out-of-the-box system set up within a day with hosting in our secure data centre. Alternatively, come and talk to us, we can work through a full requirement that fits your processes and prepare a detailed proposal quickly.