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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the vital links to keeping in touch with your customers, cost effectively, as well as drawing them back to your website. You can monitor response rates, click through rates and open rates, helping you analyse and find the right balance between content, delivery times, frequency and design which delivers the best results.

Combining the benefits of a sophisticated distribution and tracking system with the ease of management that Free Rein solutions offer, sending branded and relevant email broadcasts couldn’t be easier.

Whether you want to promote a new product, keep your customers up to date with latest information or just want to catch the eye, email broadcast systems managed by you can achieve these goals.

Why Free Rein for email marketing?

Free Rein email marketing solutions give clients control over simple e-shots through to more complex, multiple article, e-newsletters. Having built template content can be dynamically sourced from both the web site and standalone items; clients can select and exchange each element within the layout including banners, content, sign-off and data merging items. Emails may then be addressed to a excel files, database queries, subscription lists, event registrations and many more.

Email template build and testing

We can build bespoke email templates to fit on any device, whether desktop or mobile we'll create and test your email templates to ensure they look great and are compatible across 30+ email clients and devices.

Tracking and reporting

Real time reports give instant feedback, reporting on successful sends, open rates, click through rates, as well as automatically categorising bounce backs/returns. By grouping separate emails the success of a multiple email marketing campaign can be easily measured.

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