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01 Requirements

New Anglia LEP needed a scalable and flexible CRM system to manage the data from their Growth Hub project as well as their own needs, plus new and other ERDF projects. They had turned to a Microsoft Dynamics solution initially until the developers dramatically increased costs. At that point they turned to Free Rein to take over the SuiteCRM solution provided for the Growth Hub and extend it to manage multiple projects and security Groups.

02 Solution

Free Rein had already taken greater control of the Growth Hub CRM and embarked on an extensive data cleaning and streamlining exercise.  A plan was then developed to take in data from three other ERDF projects plus shared and sensitive data for the LEP senior managers. Free Rein developed a series of new functional modules, and set up a range of security Groups and Roles to partition detailed data, but share broad listing such that the system could be used by Council Economic Development Officers whilst still within GDPR rules.

03 Result

The CRM has now been moved to dedicated hosting within Free Rein's secure Croydon data centre and a second system set up for tests, reports and training. Free Rein also built an Add-in for Outlook so that emails can be saved directly into the CRM against Accounts and Contacts. Carefully configured security rules ensure that access is controlled within those users who need it and EDO access is restricted to their own council catchment.