National Express screenshot
  • CMS
  • Email and SMS Broadcast
  • Vouchers
  • CRM database
  • Campaign Management
  • Personalised Pages
  • Real-time interface to data and informational systems
  • Personalised travel pages

01 Requirements

The National Express brief to Free Rein started as a simple data management and reporting exercise, alongside email campaigns to understand the return on investment of emails through to on-line purchases. Then major issues with the main website under heavy traffic conditions brought them to Free Rein for a resolution.

02 Solution

Within three weeks Free Rein had the new site complete with real-time interaction with service reports, arrival and departure information, service updates and on-line ticket purchase. Shortly afterwards the brief was extended to provide a full email broadcast system and later in the year a new website for c2c, the NX train service operating between Southend and London – one of the best performing routes in the country.

03 Result

The breadth of service offered to National Express required as much data, hosting and system architecture design as creative design and imagery. Initial designs were taken from the existing sites to allow migration to resilient Free Rein hosting as quickly as possible, where the site was able to support increases of 10 (and later 20) times normal traffic during adverse weather or industrial action.