• Bespoke Moneyback Solution
  • CMS and security groups
  • Workflow
  • Bank integration

01 Requirements

Challs International wished to get their Buster drain cleaning products higher up in supermarkets by building customer trust through a guarantee. But the customer claim process needed to be simple for the client and rigidly controlled.

02 Solution

Free Rein adapted its CMS, used at the time for most Challs product sites, to allow a simple click for any supermarket claim form; including simple, client managed questions, evidence gathering (including image upload or receipt) and securely handling bank details.

03 Result

The result has been extended to International coverage and strictly manages the data available for the Marketing and Finance teams, ensuring the workflow and checks are rigidly followed. The Marketing team validate the claim, then pass to Finance to validate bank details and submit BACS payment directly to the bank. Adapting to teams in different countries and differing bank account formats has allowed expansion into Singapore and Australia in the first instance.