BT Major Customers screenshot
  • CMS
  • Bespoke Design
  • External System Integration
  • Closed Stakeholder Areas
  • Event Management
  • Multi-Site
  • Email and SMS
  • CRM database
  • Campaign Management

01 Requirements

One key project was to build an event management system for BT's Major Customer division that could be used by all their agencies managing face to face events (marketing, workshops and training courses) aimed at the senior management of the top 175,000 businesses BT worked with in the UK. The solution had to allow design flexibility and management by Marketing and Account Management.

02 Solution

The system allowed all event agencies to create an event using templates, define multiple venues and dates, select shared content for supporting websites, email invitations and reporting instructions. They shared invitation lists with BT Account Managers who could add to or refine lists before email invitations were broadcast from the integrated system.

03 Result

Each stage was monitored by BT MC Marketing with editorial and sign-off control at stages. Highly personalised email invitations, confirmation, reminders and SMS refreshers brought dramatic increase in attendance percentages. The system alerted an Account Manager when their client booked onto an event so they could also attend. The result was a noticeable reduction in Account Manager pre-sales time and substantial increase in client satisfaction of BT.