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Social Media Tips

A few hints and tips for using social media.

Stop thinking of social media as free
The platform is, but to be successful you need to invest time and increasingly make use of promoted tweets.

Follow your followers
People like to be followed particularly if you’re a big brand. They’re also less likely to leave you next time they give their account a spring clean.

Find your doppelganger
Find that someone who’s tweeting about a similar topic to you, whose followers you may also want to follow.

Manage your Account
If you’re being followed by inactive accounts – dump them. Apps such as buffer and manage flitter can help you manage your account.

Include as many images as possible – pictures always generate greater interaction.

People love quotes, but think about what these say about you. Associate your brand with positive messages.

Take online offline
Social media activity can be great for PR.

Optimise your profile
Use your profile information to explain what you’ll be tweeting about, but don’t be restricted to your core business. On its own this may not be enough to engage people.

The power of the retweet is fantastic. It shows you’re interesting in what others have to say.

Favourite almost everything. It’s a quick and easy way to show appreciation without cluttering your own feed.

Measure and Analyse 
Measure what you’re doing. Be able to justify your twitter activity.

Tweet more
The more you tweet the more followers you’ll get, but don’t binge Tweet. Stagger your posts.

Have fun
Always be willing to try something new. Don’t be constrained by your original objectives. Social media demands innovative thinking.

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