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If you are looking into creating a social media plan, before you begin, it is always worth conducting a social media audit. Ensure you have suitable social media accounts in place, know the point of each one and what you are aiming to achieve as well as if any social media accounts are needed to achieve your business goals.

Step One 

Create an Excel spreadsheet in order to keep all your data in one place. Establish which social media accounts are live, and the specific URL to that page as well as who it belongs to.

Social Media NetworkURLOwner
Facebook Rein - Victoria

Step Two 

Create a purpose for each social media account. A mission statement so to speak. For example, for Twitter you may wish to connect with fellow businesses and provide useful content links and interesting company information to engage with potential customers.

Social Media NetworkURLOwnerAim/Mission

Step Three 

Now check that all the account information is complete. Ensure company logos are current and correct, cover photos are relevant, biographies are useful etc.

Social NetworkURLOwnerMissionProfile PhotoCover PhotoBio CompleteURL Correct
Twitter Rein - TonyBrand AwarenessYYYY

Step Four 

Analyse the data you have. Are any goals missing? Is there a social media platform that your business will flourish on? Can you utilise a site better?

Step Five

Set up new accounts and go through the checks once again. When you have a list of social media accounts that are complete each with their own aim/mission statement, begin to plan content.

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