Events Finder screenshot

Contrary to popular belief not all Business Link websites are moving to the new next week.

Events Finder is moving from to on 17 October coincidental with the opening of the new website.

The site was originally built by Suffolk Chamber member Free Rein, based in Hadleigh, Suffolk for Business Link to meet, in particular, the demanding requirements of the complex road-shows and events of HMRC that the generally available event booking sites could not manage.

The site was one of those well kept secrets that abound in Suffolk but with the new Cabinet Office department, Government Digital Services, taking charge of government websites, GDS felt it was a service that must be retained and have asked Free Rein to host and help manage it going forward.

The system is open to any event organiser to use free of charge, following a short training session, and allows quite complex events with:

  • Multiple sessions
  • Multiple venues
  • Multiple breakout workshops within each session
  • Full on-line booking (or off to own site)
  • Secure onsite payment option
  • Events, session and breakout capping
  • Events, session and breakout reserve lists
  • Moderation flow
  • Multiple organisation users
  • Personalised email confirmations (and amends and cancellations)
  • Visitor control amendments
  • And much more

Applications are closed until we move to the new site after 17 October so if you think this is something you would like just drop an email to with you contact details and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you want your own events management system, just ask the experts at Free Rein, our Government did.