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BT Major Customers

Our work for BT includes BT Major Customers, BT Group, BT Billing and BT Wholesale. In all Free Rein builds and supports over a dozen systems ranging from straight forward campaign support sites through to complex process systems to help BT Wholesale product management teams and an event management system.

On key project commenced in 2006 was to build an event management system for BT Major Customer division that could be used by all their agencies managing face to face events (marketing, workshops and training courses) aimed at the senior management of the top 175,000 business BT worked with in the UK. The system was to replace seven other disparate systems from various agencies and the Free Rein solution was chosen over 6 other tendering organisations.

The system allows any of the, currently, 10 event agencies to create an event using templates within the system, define multiple venues and dates, select share content for supporting websites, email invitations and reporting instructions. They can share the invitation lists with BT account managers who may add or refine to lists before email invitations are broadcast from an integrated system. Each stage is monitored by BT with editorial and sign-off control at stages.

The system then manages reminders, event registration/no show on the day and then feedback requests.  The system enforces BT brand in all communication. The system manages reserve lists and an event manager has extensive control over the registrations and event details.

As the system effectively holds a copy of the BT Major Customer contact database the system and our data centre underwent an audit and the data centre was granted a security certificate from BT.

We also built the supporting sites for the range of BT Billing Analyst applications.