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Anglia Business Exhibition

The Anglia Business Exhibition (formerly the Suffolk Business Exhibition) is run by ISSBA during the first week of May each year and has its home at Trinity Park. With its new name, ISSBA has aspirations of continuing the growth and scope of the exhibition.

This year Free Rein has committed a four year strategic partnership with them and is providing the new website, email and booking facilities. Our aim has been to give the ISSBA team as much independent control as possible but add new features over the period.

Self sufficient

Central to the site from the very start was an image/map based booking system that allowed the ISSBA team to add and manage the maps, the stand overlays and linked stand provision and booking information. The system allows for any number of exhibitions to be run at any time and they have control to change the entire venue, room maps and layouts dynamically.

But we are not leaving them on their own entirely. The team are largely volunteers and given how busy we all are in small business, the Free Rein team are helping manage the content and bookings as well as setting up the social media identities on Twitter, Facebook and (coming soon) YouTube. This the the first of a three year plan that ISSBA have put in place aiming to grow from 150 stands last year to over 200 in 2015.


The stands always disappear quickly as do the sponsorship packages so you need to be on the site quickly when it opens (usually December) - Anglia Business Exhibition

Under Peter Funnell's starters orders at SBE 2013