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Web Analytics and Reporting

Analysis and Reporting

Reporting is a key part of your digital strategy that helps determine the success of online marketing. 

Free Rein uses web analytics packages to track, measure and monitor the performance of website and social media campaigns to identify where they are performing and what aspects can be optimised to get the best results. By measuring the effectiveness of your website and social media, Free Rein can provide bespoke reports that provide insight into your audience, their behaviour and what content they are looking at. 

We interpret reports without the jargon

We understand that analysing data and writing a report is wasting time unless it is understandable. Because of this, we like to encourage those that we work with to meet with us and review the next steps or talk through the report so you get a true insight into what our campaigns are achieving. Along with this, we will also give you actionable recommendations that can be integrated into your ongoing strategy to optimise performance.

Consultation and Set Up 

If your campaign efforts are not currently being tracked to collect and display data about your audience, Free Rein can help you get up and running. In brief, we can set up website tracking and provide you with all the tools that you may need. 

Management and Training 

Dependent on your specific needs, all of us at Free Rein are happy to manage all the aspects of digital reporting or we can alternatively train you on how to get the most out of analytics. 

Bespoke Reporting 

We will provide regular reports based on the metrics that you are specifically interested in. Results will be presented in a meaningful, professional way and if any aspects need further development or explaining we will always be happy to discuss the results we have discovered. 


For any information about our services or analytics training opportunities, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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