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Paid Search (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Paid Search (PPC) advertising on the internet is highly competitive. 

We are exposed to marketing and advertising efforts day in, day out. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture people's attention so to reach potential consumers requires creativity, understanding and ongoing management - skills that Free Rein possess.

Our team handles all aspects of paid online advertising.

Campaigns are painstakingly researched to make sure we are reaching the best possible audience for your services or products and you can assure we are experienced with Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Advertising, Twitter ads, Facebook ads plus various other platforms. If required, we will also go that extra mile and combine multiple channels together using re-targeting, location targeting and mobile ads to make sure results are delivered.

PPC Management 

Jump ahead of the competition with a PPC campaign. Confirmed to be the quickest and most controllable way to reach the top of search engines, PPC allows you to control budgets and accurately measure ROI. Using our talented team and experience we will work with you to create a Pay Per Click campaign that works. Only using best-practice methods, we can ensure you get the most out of your advertising campaign. 


Manage and measure results accurately with our PPC Strategy 


Our Pay Per Click Management Strategy

Our tried and tested methods are proven to have worked. We will manage your campaign effectively and strive to deliver an impressive ROI. Here are some of the features we include in our PPC campaigns, but as with all the projects undertaken by Free Rein, we work with you to create a bespoke, one of service that adheres to you exacting needs. 

PPC Services

  • PPC Strategy 
  • Keyword Generation 
  • Competition Analysis and Research 
  • Continual Improvements 
  • PPC Optimisation 
  • Analysis and Reports 
  • Adcopy Writing 
  • Implementation 
  • Campaign Targeting 


If you wish to gain some of the benefits that arise from starting a PPC campaign, contact Free Rein today to find out how our Pay Per Click services can help you. 

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