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Heritage Connect

Heritage Connect is a web based platform upon which heritage teams, archivists, archaeologists and planning teams can build a comprehensive information source for historical and environmental points of interest in their local area.

Heritage Connect gives council staff, residents,  tourists and businesses easy and direct access the history of an area. Heritage Connect connects  people with places, allowing them to understand and to value their unique heritage and  characteristics.

Heritage Connect includes an array of spatial information consolidated from Graphical Information Systems (GIS), such as Historic Monuments, Ecological sites and Views, as well as other digital information including historic maps, photographs, mp3 audio files and video clips. Spatial information is displayed on a series of interactive Google Map interfaces. Audio-visual files are uploaded through YouTube.

The Heritage Connect interface allows users to upload their own photographs and leave comments and memories about the places in which they live, work and visit. A public consultations module allows the administrator to open debates about specific issues and developments.

The desktop Heritage Connect application uses interactive maps to present the areas and location associated with historic neighbourhoods and individual features such as monuments.

Read more about Heritage Connect and the initial site in Lincoln at http://www.heritageconnectlincoln.com/


Heritage Connect Lincoln

Since Launch in June 2010 there have been over 4000 visitors to Heritage Connect Lincoln, viewing over 30,000 pages of information.

This is currently increasing at 1000 visitors per month and 10,000 pages of information per month

Read more about Heritage Connect and the initial site in Lincoln at  http://www.heritageconnectlincoln.com

To see the City of Lincoln's site visit http://www.lincoln.gov.uk/