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Event Management System

Free Rein EMS

Manage bookings, email invitations, reserve lists, customer nominations and multi-session multi-venue seminars.

Free Rein have expanded its Content Management System (CMS) to allow the full implementation, management and running of websites focussed around online event registration, booking and attendee communication, including email marketing. From the initial email invitation through to final online confirmations and feedback, a Free Rein online event management system can help you every step of the way to make sure your events run smoothly enabling you to spend time on the things that really matter.

Free Rein has helped businesses achieve their goals.

Commissioned to build and run a number of tailored event management systems by select customers, Free Rein has helped businesses achieve their common goals - to utilise the internet as a resource to communicate, manage and engage with potential delegates, visitors or attendees. InterContinental Hotel Group, BT Major Customers, Business Link (for HMRC and BIS), BT Business and Motorola are all example of businesses who have all made use of our flexible, custom made online event management system.

Event Management

A Bespoke System

The solutions are built to meet your needs, rather than off the shelf, from tried and tested components. Dependent on your goals and ideas, you can have a simple booking system or develop it to a full blown communications, management and database solution for multiple events and organisers. 

For more information or to talk to us about our CMS and EMS systems, please complete the online contact form or call us. 

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