Free Rein has developed its own CMS platform which, through customer drive, has been expanded and re-purposed to meet key business needs of content management, event management, appraisals and much more. These same customers have helped define a number of expert supporting services which we have configured to meet G-Cloud user needs. Most recently, customers in central government have helped refine these offerings from G-Cloud 3 onwards, including GDS, BIS, UKTI and HMRC.

As part of the BIS project to deliver Event Finder, Free Rein were asked to take on the overall day to day management of the system, moderation of all content, training and on-boarding of the, presently, 500 Organisations using the system. As an adjunct Free Rein extended its services in data analytics and monitoring and now provides that service for a range of clients from central Government and local authorities through to small and large private sector operations. In a number of cases this has expanded to managing client databases (CRM) and mailing lists.

Service and Software Definitions are regularly kept up to date on our website.

Download the Service Definition document