The public website is at

FR Forms is a two-part cloud service that allows customers (Organisations) to create forms in a secure website and distribute them to selected people (Users) through a free mobile application available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The Organisation will need to create an account on to be able to create a form or use one of the standard (suggested) templates. They can then invite Users to access and complete the form on their smartphone or tablet. Users will download the application from the Apple or Android store (Windows Mobile to follow) allowing them to quickly register and confirm the invitation.

Once the User has the application, the form will be available to them to complete as many times as defined, with each completion being stored securely on the device ready for submission.

When the mobile device has a trusted data connection, the application contacts the website and uploads the completed form data and also downloads any new forms that person has permission to use.

The data is stored securely and is only available to Administrators of the Organisation. They can download the data in XML, JSON, or CSV format.

Subsequent releases will expand the functionality available, adding new field types, other export file formats, and an API to allow automated transfers to other systems.

Download the Service Definition document