Free Rein began developing its own Content Management System (CMS) platform over 10 years ago through customer driven requirements analysis. Over the years it has been expanded and developed to meet ever changing key business needs of content management, event management, appraisals tools, social marketing and much more. It is through engagement with these clients, Free Rein have define a number of professional services to support the implementation and ongoing management, all of which have been configured to meet the needs of G-Cloud clients. Most recently, clients in central government including GDS, BIS, UKTI and HMRC have all helped to refine these offerings meeting specific requirements.

Both of the Free Rein E-Mail Broadcast Systems (EBS) are based on the tried and tested elements from the CMS and built using a LAMP open standards platform. This information has been prepared to reflect two guises of the solution – the first is simply an email (and optionally SMS) broadcast system, the second, a fully featured communications platform incorporating newsletters, website content system and profiling opportunities to highly target and personalise the content for each audience type, micro website landing pages, Feedback forms and poll, and Social Media Integration.

The systems are highly configurable to meet individual client requirements, by incorporating other CMS features, other functionality including event and campaign management, ecommerce and much more (including Appraisal systems) provides a fully integrated solution.

It is used by dozens of public sector, commercial and not-for-profit organisations across the UK and Overseas.

The experience Free Rein acquired by delivering an application and hosting environment for the Royal Bank of Scotland to the old IL2 compliance level, has had allowed us to roll back this security expertise into the core EBS services.

Service and Software Definitions are regularly kept up to date on our website.

Download the Service Definition document