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01 Requirements

The Porch Project's constitution is to advance for the public benefit, the physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being and education of young people aged from between 11 years to 19 years who live in Hadleigh, Cornard and surrounding villages. To support this, they needed a website where the young people could find out about the project, find events and interact.

02 Solution

Free Rein built an extended website based on the standard CMS, extended to include limited (at the moment) event and community features alongside email broadcast. It has been built to manage closed user areas for young people and separate ones for parents and guardians.

03 Result

Although not fully exploited yet the system now supports a dedicated team of two social workers, a team manager and a wide group of volunteers and "friends" of the Porch. Free Rein are now in the process of building a CRM system to manage supporters and potential leads, volunteers and suppliers, alongside a secure area supporting the young people and their key needs. Security, confidentiality and GDPR are paramount.