FR Forms app screenshot - Expenses Form
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  • Web App
  • Mobile App
  • Two-Part Solution

01 Requirements

FR Forms was created for field-based teams, where they needed to record sensitive customer data in a number of forms.  A solution was required which would allow data to be collected securely, even when an internet connection was not available.

02 Solution

Free Rein created a two-part solution – with a mobile app and a website.

The website is where users go to manage their account, create forms using our handy drag-and-drop editor, assign forms to other users, and manage the form submissions that they receive.

The app allows users to manage their invitations to join Organisations, complete new forms, and amend their drafts before submitting them.

03 Result

The result is a simple and straightforward mobile forms tool.  There is no longer the risk of paperwork going missing – and it doesn’t matter if there is an internet connection or not!  Our comprehensive range of field types also means that photos and signatures can be recorded in form submissions.

Forms simply need to be completed offline, and then data can be submitted securely back to an Organisation when a Wi-Fi connection is available.  All data is stored safely in one place, which is then easy to download and share.