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Two deadlines this week – the Pound and the Padlock
10 October 2017

Well actually there were meant to be three, but the US domain authority has postponed the plans for extra security on our Internet traffic routing from 11 October until next year. Apparently more than half the domain companies were not ready, despite knowing for a long while.

Old Pound Coins

“The pound … in your pocket” rises again (Harold Wilson on 19 November 1967 for the trivial pursuit aficionados).  On 15 October, the old round pound ceases to be accepted in shops but can still be exchanged at your High Street bank – if the branch is still there. BUT, selected, slightly rarer ones may be worth £10-£30 (or more!!) if you hang on to them. So, before you get rid of them, have a browse here, particularly at the “Scarcity Index” and then on Google Images. But again, apparently, we are not ready and so shop keepers are planning to continue to accept the old coins for a while.


Website SSL Certificates (padlock symbol)

The third item is not going to be deferred though. We emailed you about a year ago, blogged in April and started calling clients and ex-clients with a heads up in August. The deadline of the new Google Chrome version 62, that warns visitors when a site does not have an SSL certificate, is one week away. From 17 October, when a visitor starts to fill in a form or login on your website, Chrome will warn them that the site is “Not Secure” where it doesn’t have an SSL certificate.

If you don’t have one and didn’t know about this then your agency may be considered negligent. The SSL (not just for online shops) encrypts the connection between screen and website, protecting any information filled into a form. Google will also reward sites with an SSL with better search positioning. So, there’s no reason not to do it.

If you have left it until now, you need to put this at the top of your To-Do list. It is usually the hosting company that has to do the work, but if you are stuck, drop me an email and we will see if we can extricate you as quickly as possible.