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The Quest for Mobile Excellence
16 July 2015

"How on Earth did I ever live without a glowing pane of glass in my hand containing the total sum of all human knowledge and experience" 

Marc Andreessen. 

In 2015, mobile use has overtaken the use of desktop and so it is more important than ever to consider your mobile marketing strategy. 

In brief, companies need to arise to the mobile challenge: 

  • Responsive Design 
  • Mobile Optimised Website 
  • Mobile Applications 
  • Mobile Optimised Email 
  • Adaptive Design 

62% of companies agree they are planning to increase their mobile investments in 2015. 


If you are neglecting mobile, it is worth noting that your competitors can become ahead of the game, so implementing mobile into your marketing strategy is worth thinking about. 


Mobile Challenges 

One of the main challenges that mobile faces, is that there is an inherent biased towards desktop use.

71% of people think that this channel is number one in terms of providing consistent customer experience, but as noted before, with mobile use taking over desktop, it is becoming more and more important.


29% of marketers agree that mobile activities are central to their business and how they engage with customers.