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15 June 2015

How to Survive Google Penalties 


Here at Free Rein, we have an extensive knowledge of search engine optimisation and Google best practices, but we can always learn more. Personally, I think this is one of Free Rein's best qualities - We are always willing to take time and learn about digital marketing, SEO and other marketing services, everyday. As well as keeping our digital marketing knowledge current and fresh in our minds, webinars, conferences and research also allow us to keep you up to date with ever changing rules and best practice, which will benefit you in the long term. 

I recently attended a SEMrush webinar. SEMrush is a brilliant tool, which allows you to search for competitors, what they are ranking for, the ads that they use and more. If you are looking to conduct in depth analysis and reports, SEMrush is definitely a tool that we would recommend. They regularly hold webinars and this one, featuring top SEO professionals was all about Google's ever changing algorithms and how to survive a Google penalty if you are hit. I have summarised the points that I found most prevalent below. 

My Top 10 Takeaways from this Google Webinar 

1. It's all about adding value 

2. Query intent is important 

3. Quality content is king 

4. The hardest Google penalty is the one that's actually hit you 

5. If you're a small business, go online, get involved 

6. Follow these top SEOs:

@DavidAmerland, @dawnieando, @cemper, @GuideTwit, @Tony_DWM, @ismepete

7. EAT: Expertise, Authority, Trust 

8. If you are hit by a penalty, you will never recover your your previous state overnight 

9. Guest blogging for links may present problems, even with no follow links 

10. You have to work extra hard to prove that you deserve trust after a Google Penalty. 


If you are worried about your current SEO practices or Google Penalties, call us today and we can help. 

For future SEMRush Webinars: http://www.semrush.com/blog/webinars/ 


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