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Mobile Ad Spend
27 February 2015

Mobile Browsing

Mobile browsing is on a trend that doesn't want to stop any time soon.

Advertisers have been quick to adapt from optimising for mobile as an afterthought to prioritising mobile and then desktop.

eMarketer have recently predicted that by 2018 mobile will account for 83% of search spend. This is a significant amount as just 3 years ago desktop accounted for 87% of marketers budgets. This includes contextual links, paid inclusion, paid listing and SEO targeting mobile devices and tablets.

Estimates for 2015 spend dedicated to mobile is at $13bn.

"It's not surprising. I also don't think the trend is surprising to big players like Google, either," says Cathy Boyle, a senior mobile analyst at eMarketer. "The writing's been on the wall for a while now as consumers are getting more and more comfortable doing everything with their mobile devices."

Boyle sees mobile continuing to grow beyond that, but is unable to venture a guess as to how much. "There's still a lot of desktop use in office spaces so it's hard to predict where the ceiling is," she says.

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