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How are Apps Effecting Social Media?
04 August 2012

Apps and Social Media

Most mobile devices now come with Facebook and Twitter pre-installed onto them with social media growing each day having all of you social media at the touch of a button is great. Social media while on the move is a great way of posting relevant items at relevant times.

The recent London Olympics is a great example of how users where using social media while out and about. Our @OlympicTaxiMan Jeff has been using twitter with great effect during the Olympics. With daily updates of what he was doing, who he was taxiing and events he was attending

Olympic village

Also with more smart phones having built in GPS you can include your location on posts, comments and pictures.

Certain apps need GPS to function. Foursquare uses the GPS signal to record your location so you can 'check in' to locations. This then turns into a battle to become the most visited user, resulting in you becoming Mayor of the location. Some locations are more popular than others, although I pride myself on being Mayor of our local fast food establishment!