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Does DMOZ Still Matter?
06 July 2015

DMOZ: The Open Directory Project

With the ever growing web, DMOZ aims to continue to update the most comprehensive directory available.

It is 100% free (and always will be) plus it is a major name in the world of digital marketing - whether you choose to use it, or not. 

Since 1998, dmoz.org, otherwise known as the Open Directory Project has been edited and researched by human hands - Quite a feat in today's digital era.

However, is it still relevant to modern SEO techniques? 

As with most good answers there are two sides of the story. 


Some people do not bother with DMOZ.

It may take a little while for your submission to show on the directory.

As it is all completed by human hands, yes, it will take a little longer than the process a computer database could go through. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that the link will be included. DMOZ is meticulously categorised and each link needs to be placed in the most relevant category. 


So, why should we give it a try?

Inclusion on the DMOZ project is still considered an achievement. 

It's a solid, good quality backlink. 

Submission requires very little effort. 

Entry and listing on dmoz.org is free.

Most importantly, one of the sites that use DMOZ is alexa.com and if that isn't a sign that DMOZ may improve our rank, I don't know what is. 


The ODP powers core directory services for some the most popular portals and search engines on the Web, including AOL Search, Netscape Search,Google, Lycos, and HotBot, and hundreds of others.  (Source)