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The 12 reasons why UK businesses don't blog
16 May 2017

This one is worth a re-post

How many companies in the UK are blogging? Not many, it seems, according to a list compiled by Suw Charman . Not many at all. The list isn’t fully comprehensive, but it highlights the dearth of business blogs in the UK, compared to US.

So why is it that UK and European marketers / business folk are ignoring blogs? I reckon it comes down to one of the following reasons…

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A 10-point checklist for landing page design
01 May 2017

Understanding how to create some quality landing pages is even more important now than ever.

A quality landing page is one that reinforces ‘conversion intent’. To do this, you need to consider the mindset of your visitor and provide just enough information to persuade them to convert. And no unnecessary distractions… ok?

So what are the 10 things you need to know about designing landing pages? Read on to find out...

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SEO Guide
25 January 2017

Giving you more control over the SEO of your website gives us a really good feeling, but it can make you feel lost with all these new features. This guide will give you an A-Z across all the new features and answer any questions you might have.

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FR Forms nears launch date
24 March 2016

FR Forms is a two-part cloud service that allows customers to create mobile forms in a secure website and distribute them to selected users through a free mobile application available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The system is simple to use and focussed on just what is needed. It's also very competitively priced with a free version.

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