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FR Forms is a two-part cloud service that allows customers to create mobile forms in a secure website and distribute them to selected users through a free mobile application available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The system is simple to use and focussed on just what is needed. It's also very competitively priced with a free version.

The Apps and full services should be up and running early in April

The Organisation will need to create an account on the FR Forms Admin site to be able to create mobile forms or use one of the standard (suggested) templates. They can then invite people (Users) to access and complete the form on the phone or tablet. Users will register their download App (email and password). The system will then know who already has the App and who should be sent an invitation email to download it.

Once the User has the App, the form will be available to them to complete (once or many times as defined). The User will complete the form and either Submit or save and return.

When the mobile has a data connection, the application contacts the website and uploads the form data of any form Submitted. It also downloads any new forms that person has permission to use.

The data is stored securely and is only available to Administrators of the Organisation. They can download the data in CSV or XML format. Subsequent releases will add other file formats and start to bring reporting and analysis tools to the site. The forms can hold a signature panel.

Take a look at the marketing site at www.frforms.com. If you would like to be one of the first to know when the service is launched (partly dependant upon Apple and Google passing the Apps) just sign up to the newsletter at the foot of the FR Forms home page. We won't be over using the newsletter but will be sharing scenarios of how some people are using the solution.