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Channel Independence

The Free- Rein content management solutions are “channel independent” at their core. This means that you have direct and full control of all content (text, images, movie, audio etc) which is displayed through templates to meet the brand and design criteria appropriate to the digital channel in use.

An example news article may consist of a title, introduction or summary and a full body copy, images, links etc. The home page, for example, may use the title and summary, main picture (as a thumbnail) and link to article, the article itself the full content. If you chose use that article for an e-newsletter you may use the title, summary, thumbnail image and link – but you can simply point to the original content and the rest is automatic. There is no need to re-renter the information, and of course the tracking stats pick up on the email being read, the click and then the link through to the article.

Use the same content for SMS delivery and it may use the title and perhaps the URL link. The same content may be used for an RSS feed (RSS – Really Simple Syndication) which takes the title, summary and link and makes it available to any visitor with a News Reader wishing to have your news delivered directly to their desktop – again with no need to re-renter or multi-manage the content.