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West Sussex County Council

Working in partnership with EnviroComms, Free Rein have built three content managed systems for the Council's environmental initiatives

The Green Club is aimed at families and what they and the community can do to improve their use of the environment, particularly in gardening. The system is a full content managed website with email/enewsletter broadcast.


Recycle for West Sussex is managed on behalf of the council by Viridor with a focus on recycling and offers information on what can be recycled and where. The system is a full content management system.


West Sussex WPA is scheme promoting Waste Prevention and the supporting website is aimed at public information, promoting road show events and providing a closed user area for the volunteer advisors to organise event attendance, share best practice and ideas and car share.


Free Rein adopts a standard process for dealing with the public sector as we do for the larger commercial organisations. This requires and predetermined series of briefing, brief updates and staged reviews for each development. Free Rein operates close account management with a dedicated (and support) contact for each client by a senior team member who develops an understanding of the client's programmes and processes.

Upgrades and developments are managed in a similar process, the depth of process or project management depends upon the size of the project. Free Rein tries to maintain a regular client contact through one to one contact and company briefings where core systems are updated and expanded to improve services. Each client has direct contact (telephone and email) to the principle account manager and support which can be used out of office hours if required.

We would be happy to provide a greater level of detail about the way we work when required.