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Motorola Events

Hart Wilcox had been running Motorola internal international events using HTML websites for some time using and was frustrated at the way the online registration and booking process for these events was performing and managed.  They needed an forward thinking website development company to provide online event management system that would let them handle the website design and website development.

Their website needs

A simple way for the staff at Hart Wilcox to design and develop websites for the multiple events that run across the world, they were not sure how they would achieve this but knew that there must be a more simple way of going about the website and online registration / booking process whilst promoting and managing these events using one simple to use online event management system.

The Free Rein solution

Free Rein’s solutions can be configured to run multiple public websites and with this event management system we moved a step forwards in allowing the administrator to create whole websites including the design and colour schemes all from a single admin website – within brand constraints.  The event can be created by setting up the Location and relevant event details and then a website created using the same simple process. Special features include; Automatic registration closing by setting capping limits on attendees that can be changed at anytime during the life of an event, Restricted registrations to only allow people on an excel loaded invite list to register for the event via the website, this seamlessly links to the mailer and allows tracking of each individual from initial invite to post event information gathering, Language change module which allows the input of any textual language content that will be correctly displayed by selecting the relevant language when setting up the event, this also converts all automated system messages into the correct language e.g. Fields marked with a * are required.    


Hart Wilcox now run in excess of 20 event websites and email marketing campaigns at any one time - set up and managed by two members of staff after just a few hours training on the event management system.  This system has saved numerous man hours and significantly reduced costs as they now have the ability to create fully functioning event registration and information websites as and when needed.

Online Event Management System Components

  • Content management system
  • Email and SMS Broadcast
  • Registration control
  • Version control
  • Extensive web, email and campaign statistics
  • Administration site permissioning
  • Multiple public facing websites
  • Language Change